Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson


Randy Johnson was elected to the City Council in May, 2012. He feels the City and its citizens have given so much to him that serving on the Council is a good way to give back.

As a lifetime resident, Randy is the fifth generation of his family to live in Fairfield. He and his wife, Karen, have four children. His parents, Lee Earl and the late Edward "Chief" Johnson, were both teachers in the Fairfield School District. His father served on the City Council years ago and is the name-sake for Fairfield High School’s Johnson
Activity Center.

"The water issue is absolutely the most important to Fairfield at this point. We need to have a long term plan in place that is affordable to the residents," said Johnson.

Randy promises to serve the residents of Fairfield to the best of his ability with integrity, dignity and honor. Johnson stated, "My character means a lot to me. I will vote, not for my personal feelings, but for what’s best for the City and its citizens."

Board Memberships

Board/CommitteeJob titleMembership Status
Councilmember, Place 2
Active Membership